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What's DEVIL'S TEETH about?

Beginning in Summer 1972, several young New Jersey women vanish while hitchhiking. All are later found dead in the woods miles away from home - and some of their bodies are allegedly found surrounded by strange and occult objects. Some locals fear a serial killer is on the loose. Others say a Satanic cult is to blame. Whispers of a police cover-up permeate the air.What really happened?Join author and Weird NJ correspondent Jesse P. Pollack as he chronicles a strange series of cold cases that still haunt the Garden State to this very day.

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Episode 10 - The People vs....


Finally, after nearly a year, Otto Neil Nilson stands trial for the murder of Joan Kramer in July 1975. Could these proceedings provide answers regarding the death of Jeannette DePalma? Read more in "Death on the Devil's Teeth" by Jesse ...

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