Diabetes Reversed : Diabetic / Homeopathy /Podcasting/Author

Diabetes Reversed : Diabetic / Homeopathy /Podcasting/Author

By Timothy Moore:Dr. Diabetic Chef using homeopathy in Reversing Diabetes & Neuropathy

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What's Diabetes Reversed : Diabetic / Homeopathy /Podcasting/Author about?

True Cause and Best Ways to Relieve Nagging Back Pain- Without Surgery or Drugs .

This is A PODCAST, When facing diabetes and the challenges, we face from taking Insulin shots to taking ten to fifteen medications each day to control your diabetes that has gotten out of control and it seems nothing works, well The Diabetic Chef being a former diabetic himself understands the pain from neuropathy in the feet to blood sugar spikes.

This podcast brings the benefits of a plant-based diet and exercise can give when you trying to prevent, reverse type 2 diabetes. . The disease is out of control and the only way to stop diabetes is to educate.


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