Dr. Harvey Risch on CDC admitting to failed COVID response: ‘hope is not a public health policy’

08.17.2022 - By John Solomon Reports

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Dr. Harvey Risch, Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, discusses the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admitting today to the CDC's failed COVID response over the past two-and-half years, reversing many long held COVID guidelines for mandates and vaccinations. Risch comments that the big takeaways from the CDC reversing course are that: first, “it says that hope is not a public health policy, you can't hope that things work.” Second, it says that "everybody knew that it was a sham while it was happening, because it was a one size fits all,” and did not take into account people with natural immunity or other considerations. Risch comments, that now that the CDC has "revoked the idea of vaccination as a public health tool for stopping the spread of the infection, and therefore they have revoked any rational consideration of mandates.” Saying, to him, “the mandates are basically out the window at this point, and nobody can point to the CDC and say that the mandates are justified."

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