Episode 98: Dr Ian Dunbar IACP

10.12.2019 - By The Canine Paradigm

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Dr Ian Dunbar IACP conference was quite an honour and privilege for us to meet and speak with him. Ian Dunbar is well known throughout the world as a vet, behaviourist, author and speaker.

The good Dr is also known for his outspoken views which has gained him both hot and cold receptions. It was quite an experience getting to meet Ian Dunbar. He is a very charismatic personality in public life, however he explains it's different for him in private.

We have both followed his early work and found segments differing from our own beliefs. However, this is not uncommon for most professionals. We did come to realise that we and many others have cherry picked topics.

Ian explained that sometimes it's fairer to read and understand the entire message instead of just the paragraph. This point alone was a pearl of wisdom to encourage critical thinking.

It was an enjoyable conversation and a valuable experience for us to have the opportunity. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as we did.

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