Dreamlab Creations' Radio Podcast

Dreamlab Creations' Radio Podcast

By Dreamlab Creations


What's Dreamlab Creations' Radio Podcast about?

Dreamlab is a sort of renaissance of art explosion made to grow and grow and grow. We are a design and media company and when we are not busy with creating nice designs for people we like to make creations of our own. These creations can be of any nature and that expression is what you see before you.

Dreamlab makes things exclusively designed and made available to you right here. Everything is designed by us and is mostly unavailable anywhere else. All who are involved are the artists themselves...no corperations, no big business, just real deal artists making their voice heard. Hopefully over time more artists will join.

With so many mediums available in the world you will find nice things (besides our handy products) like radio shows, videos, blogs, and whatever else that comes out of our artistic minds.

John Kale is the main guy behind the company and has been an artist/musician his whole life. What ever the medium, it's been artistically attempted to be made and Dreamlab is the ultimate place to release such creations.

This podcast is our creative endeavor to expose great art and music.

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