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What's EDHRECast about?

EDHRECast is your resource for the most popular Magic: The Gathering gameplay format - Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH); widely known as Commander. Made by the community for the community, EDHRECast is hosted by three well-seasoned MTG players, Joey Schultz, Matt Morgan, and Dana Roach. Each week they dive into the latest news and changes to the Commander format and breakdown the meta so that you can play your deck with confidence.
Building off the articles found at EDHREC.com the team is here to use data-driven recommendations and analysis to help you make each and every one of your cards work for you. Whether you’re on a budget and still trying to get the most of our your builds, or if you’re trying to get a leg up with the best card combos, or you’re looking to figure out the best early, mid, and late game strategies, we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest information so that you’ll be the Commander of your local scene.

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