Empty Netters Podcast

Empty Netters Podcast

By All Things Comedy

What's Empty Netters Podcast about?

Beer league beauties and NHL fanatics, Dan & Chris Powers, bring their absurdity and humor to all things hockey. Covering topics from the NHL, all the way down to the beer leagues, with a dash of everything else in between. 

Chris and Dan Powers are hockey players from York, Maine. 

An adventurer at heart, Chris is fluent in zero languages and still cries when he gets his haircut. He tried to kill Dan in the womb, despite being two years older than him. According to one anonymous source, he’s never lost a Super Smash Bros free-for-all.

Dan is convinced fire isn’t real, a belief that has cost him thousands in property damage. At age 3, he invented the “low five” but has yet to receive credit to this day. He can eat more shrimp cocktail than any living creature.

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