Eyes Wide Shut Deep Dives- Going Over (and Under) the Rainbow!

04.16.2021 - By Conspiracy Theories & Unpopular Culture

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I'm going to give you the critical pieces of information from the bonus shows that are going to be on my supporter feeds so you're not missing out! I'll tell you about the three bonus shows ONLY available on my supporter platforms! These are bonus episodes that complete our DEEP DIVE into Kubrick's world of EYES WIDE SHUT! If you listened to the first two episodes of my analysis of EYES WIDE SHUT you'll love to hear the juicy tidbits on the making of this film.All three bonus episodes are ONLY AVAILABLE on the supporter platforms! You can compare all three platforms at: https://illuminatiwatcher.com/members-section/ (and don't forget the LIMITED TIME OFFER that expires on May 1st, 2021 to the first 1,000 supporters: Use promo code "HOTGIRLSUMMER" to get 20% off the VIP Section for 3 months!)

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