GOLD: the Series

GOLD: the Series

By Punisher77

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What's GOLD: the Series about?

GOLD is an independent television series about Professional Role Playing Gamers, written and produced for the web. || GOLD: The Series - The World Goblins & Gold RPG Championship is only a few short weeks away. The American and British teams battle personal demons and each other for domination over a sport whose popularity is waning. Can you take the hits? || GOLD: Night of the Zombie King - NOTZK is a miniseries set in the world of GOLD. Disgraced G&G team captain Jamie "Jaz" Colier returns home to escape his crumbling life in LA. He re-unites with his old gamer buddies, only to find the ruins of the life he ran away from 15 years ago still need to be repaired before he can find peace, in his life and in the game.

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