By A. S. Frye


What's Guardians about?

Sixteen-year-old Kathy’s life is upended by a series of very unusual events sending her to Madero, New Mexico, not too far from Roswell, along with a psychic friend she meets on the way.

She is then abducted by a UFO and implanted with a rapidly developing alien hybrid. While still growing inside her (and unknown to the aliens) the hybrid develops a telepathic link with Kathy, and when he realizes she is his mother, they form a deep and powerful bond.

After the aliens remove the hybrid from Kathy, they attempt to kill her, but her friend uses astral projection to save her. Seeing the exceptional display of telekinetic power during that rescue, the aliens begin to fear the psychic abilities of humans, and decide to wipe out all life on the planet.

But when the hybrid finds out what the aliens are about to do, he has to decide between loyalty to them, or loyalty to a world he’s only learned of through images from his mother.

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Guardians episodes: