Ep 666 | How America Has Gone to Hell | Guest: Jorge Ventura

08.04.2022 - By The Chad Prather Show

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One thing Democrats have done correctly is bring America from the most respected country in the world to the bottom in matter of two years. Grooming, transgenderism, and pushing the LGBT agenda are the latest tools of the Democrats to not only control the narrative, but push America into literal hell. Can America survive a progressive administration? Jorge Ventura, field reporter at the Daily Caller, joins the podcast to discuss how this administration is going to destroy this nation if we don’t wake up. As the Biden administration plans to declare “monkeypox” a public health emergency, it is time to see what this really means. Harris County in Texas decided to submit plans to spend about $1.7 million on a monkeypox task force. Is this smart? Los Angeles will now hire non-citizens to work in government positions in the county. An estimate shows that about 880,000 non-citizens live in Los Angeles County. Why is Los Angeles County doing this?
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