Krassencast: Defending What's Left

By Ed & Brian Krassenstein


The KrassenCast: Defending What's Left is a project from Brian and Ed Krassenstein. Together, they have been fighting to expose the obvious and sustained corruption from the Trump administration and the Republican Party. Brian and Ed currently interact with over 1.5 million Twitter followers. They are also the co-founders of, a liberal news reporting website that reaches over 2 million monthly readers. KrassenCast is a FREE podcast that features weekly interviews with politicians, celebrities, and members of the resistance. We combine facts with humor to discuss the latest political and social issues. Becoming a Patron helps us expand our team, produce more content, and introduce you to more people and ideas which will give you the tools to fight for what you believe in.


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Krassencast: Defending What's Left Podcast


Episode 15: Interview with ...


Interview with 2020 Presidential Candidate Seth Moulton

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