Lights Out

By Mile Higher Media

What's Lights Out about?

Lights out everybody, turn everything off, sit back and relax while your mind is taken on a dark and twisted journey filled with thrills and chills. Each week Josh and the boys will take you through a dark story, case, or event involving a wide range of topics including the occult, hauntings, cryptids, alien abductions, serial killers, and demonic possession. So if you’re looking for a chill creepy paranormal and true crime podcast to escape with look no further than Lights Out. New episodes are released every Friday, make sure you subscribe and follow the show on social media @lightsoutcast

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176: The Haunting of Honolu...


In Honolulu, every square mile is swarming with paranormal hauntings— from the Police Headquarters, to the Drive-In Theater, to the Water Pumping Station. But it’s no surprise these hauntings riddle the island of Oahu, since colonizers have desecrated thousands of ...

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