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What's MotorWeek about?

We thought a podcast would be the perfect vehicle for taking viewers behind-the-scenes of MotorWeek. We produce 52 episodes of MotorWeek a year, but we don't always have time to tell you everything. The podcast is a unique opportunity for viewers to hear our personal impressions of the vehicles we road test, discover the stories behind the stories MotorWeek is covering and learn more about where the auto industry is headed as it focuses squarely on fuel economy.

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What’s New from the 2023 No...


In Podcast 308, John Davis and the MotorWeek crew talk about what’s new from the 2023 North American International Auto Show in Detroit! Cadillac unveils a refreshed CT5 sedan, GMC revamps the Acadia with a new powertrain and looks, the ...

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