On And Just Like That: Hello It's Me & Little Black Dress

12.10.2021 - By Every Outfit

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On this week's SPOILER FILLED episode, the gals get into the first episodes of And Just Like That. Discussion topics include: the ladies brunch looks, Carrie’s need for two cell phones, Bitsy Von Muffling’s chic reappearance, Samantha’s departure, Carrie’s podcast banter, Charlotte’s lack of storyline, Miranda’s potential drinking problem (?!), Stanford and Anthony’s unhappy union, THAT Peloton scene, Carrie’s Robert Longo inspired funeral, Stanford’s Jackie-O comment, Big’s long lost secretary, our general emotional state after this, and SO MUCH MORE! This week’s episode is sponsored by Zip. Zip is a leading global buy now pay later app. It’s easy to use and accepted at thousands of stores and online retailers. Download the app today!  WE HAVE A HOTLINE! Disagree with us? Make your case and we may play it on the show. Questions, secrets, or gossip from the And Just Like That set are also welcome. Call 323-486-6773

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