On Euphoria, Yellowjackets, Demonic Girlbosses

01.12.2022 - By Every Outfit

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On this week's episode, the ladies dive into all the pop culture stories they've missed, topics include: Ghislaine Maxwell's conviction (bless), her less than flattering courtroom drawing, Elizabeth Holmes' trial, her recent marriage, celebrity deaths, TikTok's beef with P.T. Anderson, the incredibly niche Instagram fight between Elieen Myles and Patti Smith, the Gen-X perfection of Yellowjackets, the slept on brilliance of Search Party, Euphoria's harrowing portrayal of drugs and dongs, Lauren explains the status of Arclight Hollywood, who won at the Golden Globes, Rooney Mara's soon to be excellent portrayal of Audrey Hepburn, Kim K passes the Baby Bar, Kayne's performance art with Julia Fox, and SO MUCH MORE!

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