Penne For Your thoughts

11.10.2020 - By Something Rhymes with Purple

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Little Strings, Little Tongues and Butterflies… what could Gyles and Susie pasta-bly be talking about?! In this episode we’ll be lobbing a bunch of pasta terms at the wall to see what sticks. We start by delving into ancient myths and legends to unearth pasta’s beginnings, Susie takes us on a trip to a brothel to serve up one of the most delicious spaghetti dishes of today, and Gyles shares his favourite pasta dish which comes with a little bit of apricity much to his delight. A Somethin’ Else production This week we want YOUR terms for ‘the feeling of disappointment when you go to have a sip of coffee only to find out it’s all gone’ (even though you were SURE there was some left)… get creative and let us know: [email protected] Susie’s Trio: Paraph - The flourish on a signature Paralipsis - Drawing attention to something when pretending not to Elozable - amenable to flattery.
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