POP 221 - From Addiction To Purity with Shaun - Part 2

04.21.2020 - By Power of Purity | Helping Men to Honor God with their Sexual Gift

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NOTE - In this epidote Shaun shares some very powerful ideas on how to talk with you kids about sexual issues! Shaun is a believer in Christ. He loves God... and wants to serve God. He wants to honor God with his life. He loves his wife and his family. But Shaun struggled with his addiction to pornography for years. This lead to Shaun becoming a man of duplicity... because he had sexual secrets... and he was representing himself to his wife as one man... when he was in fact a very different man. And then Shaun got "CAUGHT"! That was "D-DAY"... and it forced him to come into the "light" with his wife... and with God... and with himself. Shortly after his D-DAY... a friend told him about this purity group that meets in the St. Louis area... led by this guy name Tony Ingrassia. About 5 years ago Shaun began coming to the group shortly after he heard about it... and Shaun now has 5 years of sexual sobriety... or said another way... Shaun has NOT looked at porn for about 5 years now! AMAZING Shaun is living proof that... * IT IS POSSIBLE for a man to STOP LOOKING AT PORN. * IT IS POSSIBLE for a man to OVERCOME HIS SEXUAL ADDICTION... by God's grace! * IT IS POSSIBLE FOR A WHITE GLOVE TO BE IN THE MIDDEL OF A BIG MUD PUDDLE AND STILL REMAIN PURE AND CLEAN! Be encouraged as you hear Shaun's story... because if Shaun can do it... so can YOU  

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