POP 248 - From Hopelessness To Hope with Les - Part 3

10.27.2020 - By Power of Purity | Helping Men to Honor God with their Sexual Gift

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Les is a Christian man. Les loves God. Les went to bible college. Les wants his life to count for the Kingdom of God. Les got married... and wanted to honor his wife with the expression of his sexual gift. Yet... in spite of all these realities... Les struggled deeply with an addiction to internet pornography... and eventually felt complete hopelessness. Then a friend told Les about The Power of Purity Podcast. Les began to listen to the podcast... and after listening for a while... he wrote the following note to Tony: Hello Tony, First of all I have to say this ministry has impacted me greatly. I have felt hopeless as a newly married man who struggles with pornography. My friend shared with me your podcast and I cant stop listening to i.  I have been so encouraged and convicted through it that I have made some big steps to sexual healing and becoming the man God wants me to be. I feel that God has brought you and this ministry into my life at the right time because I had no idea how big of a deal this can become. I thought that no one would know about pornography but I am seeing the progressiveness of this sin and the impact it has had on my wife as well. Praise be to God that it is not too late and that I find myself having hope about this issue for the first time and progress being made. I decided I want to share this with as many men as I can and am going to start a small group where we watch your conference and use the workbook.    Listen to this story and you'll see that God can break sexual addiction from a man's heart and life... and that a Christian man can truly learn to honor God... and honor his wife... with the expression of his sexual gift!

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