POP 227 - Realizing The Price - Part 1

06.02.2020 - By Power of Purity | Helping Men to Honor God with their Sexual Gift

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Whether we realize it or not... our sexual acting out... our sexual addiction... our sexual sin... extracts an enormous price from our life and soul that we are then required to pay.  This "price" might include things such as... * Damage to your wife's heart * Damage to your marriage * The loss of your marriage * The loss of your children... in the sense that if you do get divorced... you no longer have the opportunity to live with your kids full time... you're no longer there to tuck them into bed every night... you're no longer there to say prayers with them at bedtime... etc. * The loss of your home * Tremendous financial loss... * The violation of your own conscience * The loss of effectiveness in your testimony and your service to God * The loss of your reputation And these... just to name a few. Although this episode series does not focus specifically on these various losses that we sometimes experience... it does focus on the idea of loss... and how the reality of such loss often becomes the catalyst we need to provoke true and lasting change in our hearts and our lives. Or said another way... if the pain gets bad enough... we often find the self-motivation and self-determination necessary to do the work that can then lead to true and lasting change. In this series Tony shares 8 observations concerning the price of sexual sin... and develops the idea that when we "Realize The Price"... we often find the motivation to change.

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