Private Practice Podcast

By James Hall

What's Private Practice Podcast about?

The Savage Mures Foundation is proud to present its Podcast of the Year, Private Practice, featuring Daniel P Brown (“International Breakthrough Talent 2017”), and James Hall (as featured on several prestigious “Ones to Watch” shortlists). With a hugely successful career in mental health established, Daniel decided it was time to open his own Private Practice, and carefully selected James to be his first client. In no way conforming to the limitations of professional practice, the Private Practice is a space where guidelines and restrictions are tossed wholeheartedly out of the open window. In a not-at-all soundproofed environment, James attempts to distil the concepts of his deepest psyche into a few words (arguably a few too many) for Dan’s fleeting consideration. It is hoped that through his candid considerations, James will voice some of your own anxieties, and through his informed cogitation, Daniel will help you make sense of them, so you can lead a more enriching, euphoric life. And it’s all for free. You’re welcome. If the outlined objective does not seem to apply to you, don’t even humour the thought that this podcast is not for you. Listening to James talk will likely give you an elevated sense of being, as you compare yourself favourably to his shortcomings. Again, you’re welcome. Tell your friends about this podcast. Do it NOW for fudge sake. It will confuse them deeply, and James likes nothing more than that kind of behaviour. To reiterate, for legal reasons; this podcast is in no way representative of professional therapeutic practice. Also for legal reasons, this podcast has nothing to do with the other Dan Brown, of whom you may have heard, or any other James Hall, of which there must be billions by now. Additionally, it has nothing to do with Grey’s Anatomy, anything “private”, or anything which might conceivably be considered a “practice”. Music courtesy of Bensound. Production support and editing courtesy of no one. If you take issue with any of this, please don’t hesitate to scribble it all furiously with a red felt tip pen, and fax it somewhere. Excellent.

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Wheels up in 5 mins, welcome aboard this internal flight to your ego, where the weather is currently calm and sunny, but there are storm clouds on the horizon. It's the Private Practice Podcast Summer Special, loaded with all your ...

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