Psychological Safety Works with Sandi Givens

By Sandi Givens

What's Psychological Safety Works with Sandi Givens about?

Having conversations around mental health can be tricky - even frightening for some. Leaders need be role models in their organisations and lead the way in creating more mentally healthy and psychologically safe workplaces.We bring you concrete strategies and inspiring ideas about how to confidently have those important -but tough - conversations.Do you know businesses are required by law to provide mental – or psychological – safety for their employees, as well as physical safety?Are you aware of the risk factors that can lead to mentally unhealthy work environments?Do you feel confident your team is working at their best and being fully productive at work?We're here to help businessmen and women with all this - and much more.Listen in to discover how you can build greater psychological safety in your workplace and reap the benefits of reduced business costs and increased employee productivity.You'll also have access to free resources to help you along the way while you learn lots of new ideas, techniques and approaches that will help YOU communicate with courage.psychologialsaf[email protected]/in/sandigivens/

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