Ranked Choice State Of Mind

06.22.2021 - By What A Day

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New York City holds its mayoral primary, today, one of the highest profile elections since the presidential election and a super visible test of ranked-choice voting. Closing messages in the last days touched on police violence, public safety, economic recovery and more. We spoke with Emma Fitzsimmons, City Hall Bureau Chief for the New York Times, about the four leading candidates, and we interviewed voters to get their perspective, too.
And in headlines: SCOTUS strikes down NCAA’s restrictions on antitrust violations, the Biden administration won’t be able to deliver 80 million COVID vaccine doses abroad on time, and Steven Spielberg and Netflix bury the hatchet and announce a movie distribution deal.

Show Notes:
Edith!: The Untold True-ish Story Of America’s Secret First Female President – https://crooked.com/podcast-series/edith/
NYC Voting: Meet the candidates – https://www.voting.nyc/meet-the-candidates/2021-races/
NYC Voting: Get matched with a candidate – https://projects.thecity.nyc/meet-your-mayor/ultimate-match.html

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