RBG: Beyond Notorious


What's RBG: Beyond Notorious about?

RBG: Beyond Notorious is a 6-part podcast series hosted by CNN Anchor Poppy Harlow and CNN Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin that goes behind the scenes of the CNN Film "RBG." The series delves further into the life and times of Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Starting in present day and going backwards, each episode highlights a decade of RBG's life, interviewing the people who knew her best. Guests include her granddaughter Clara Spera, her law school classmate Professor Arthur Miller, and equal pay activist and Supreme Court plaintiff Lilly Ledbetter, as well as CNN's own SCOTUS experts. Jeffrey brings his expert commentary on the Supreme Court and Poppy shares part of a new interview with RBG herself.

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Her Origins (1950's/1960's)


In the final installment, Poppy and Jeffrey go back to RBG's origins, beginning with her Brooklyn upbringing through to her time as a young lawyer struggling to secure a job despite being top of her class. They sit down with ...

RBG: Beyond Notorious episodes: