Round 12 (Difficulty Breathing)

07.01.2020 - By EM Clerkship

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Case Introduction

A young gentlemen runs out to triage yelling “I can’t breath!” and collapses to the floor in front of the nurse…

Initial Vitals

* Temp 98.8* HR 145* RR 45* BP 60/30* O2 85%

Critical Actions

* Give Supplemental Oxygen* Identify Pneumothorax Prior to Imaging* Correctly Perform Needle Thoracostomy* Correctly Perform Tube Thoracostomy

Final Diagnosis

Pneumothorax Secondary to Penetrating Chest Trauma

Tips and Tricks

Be careful, lack of visual cues during oral cases can mislead you!

Additional Reading

* Thoracic Trauma (EM Clerkship)* NBME Trauma Review (EM Clerkship)

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