Sleep Yogi

Sleep Yogi

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What's Sleep Yogi about?

Sleep yogi is for people who want to have restorative restful nights sleep, waking up energized and ready for their day. As a teenager I had sleepless nights, laying in bed worrying about what other people thought about me, and regreting what I had done with my day. Now I have restorative sleep almost every night, as a result of yoga, better night time habits and meditation.

Other people find their solution with herbs, melatonin, or even habit forming sleeping pills. This rarely works in the long term, as you are taking pills as a quick fix to a problem that has a deeper root cause.

I encourage and guide you to look within to find the obstacles to your good nights sleep. Using guided meditation, movement therapy, and other techniques you can release the stress that keeps you awake and enjoy every night with peace, the next morning waking up refreshed and ready to live your life with passion and vitality.

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