Episode 11: Soil Petrology - Dishing the Dirt on Soil

05.27.2021 - By It's Sedimentary, My Dear: A Geology Podcast

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After an unexpected hiatus, hosts Jane and Ellen return with a down and dirty episode about soil. Jane reveals her childhood experiences with a DIY mud spa before digging into the agricultural and geological definitions for soil. They discuss the four main components of soil: inorganics, organics, water, and air or gas. They talk about how to identify soil texture and soil structure. They also discuss soil profile and soil horizons (which are similar to cake layers, but less delicious). They review the processes and factors that form soil. And finally, they explain the 12 basic soil orders used for soil taxonomy by USDA scientists. Note: this dirty, filthy episode is approved for audiences.Our main source for this episode is: The Nature and Properties of Soils (14th ed.), Nyle C. Brady, and Ray R. WeilMusic for It’s Sedimentary, My Dear is provided by Solar Sleighs.Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. You can also contact us through our website sedimentarymydear.com.

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