Spooky Sh*t

Spooky Sh*t

By Hope Harris and Brandi Lin


What's Spooky Sh*t about?

Do you love spooky stories, ghostly encounters, inexplicable events, curious cryptids or ALL OF THE ABOVE AND SO MUCH MORE MY DEAR BOY!?!?!?!?

Then you will love SPOOKY SH*T. Hope and Brandi will take you on a journey full of wonder, confusion, and unverified facts. We have journeyed into the densest forests and foggiest alleyways just to bring you your weekly dose of goosebumps. I mean, we haven’t left our beds but mentally, you know, we’ve explored some hardcore chills and thrills.

You’ll never be at a loss in a spooky situation again! Or you might be. I don’t know how well you handle a crisis. But we’ll give you the info so you can jump right into that abandoned hospital or spooky swamp. Both of those sound really scary, so we’re not going to but you do you. F*ck a Vampire! Worship Cthulhu! You go girl! We’ll be right here.

HOSTS: Hope Harris & Brandi Lin

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Spooky Sh*t episodes: