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What's Student of the Gun Radio about?

Being a Student of the Gun is not about being a novice or beginner. Student of the Gun represents a life’s journey of education, enlightenment and the enjoyment of firearms. Each week Student of the Gun will introduce our listeners to all manner of firearms related topics be they sport, recreation or personal defense.

Unlike the television format, through the magic of digital radio, we will have the opportunity to explore topics more deeply rather than just give them a quick glance. Discussions will address both that which is current news in the firearms world as well as traditions and foundational principles. Student of the Gun, a beginner once, a student for life.

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Gun Control is Built on Lie...


All Gun Control laws are built upon lies. We will demonstrate and offer proof of the lies that are being told to justify the disarming of the American people. And no, a pistol brace is NOT a bump stock. During ...

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