Super Volcanoes Discovered on Mars

09.27.2021 - By SpaceTime with Stuart Gary

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The Astronomy, Technology, and Space Science News Podcast.SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 109*Super volcanoes discovered on MarsScientists found evidence that a region of northern Mars called Arabia Terra experienced thousands of “super eruptions,” the biggest volcanic eruptions known, over a 500-million-year period.*Uncovering the secret mushballs of Neptune and UranusMushballs – giant, slushy hailstones made from a mixture of ammonia and water – may be responsible for an atmospheric anomaly at Neptune and Uranus that has been puzzling scientists.*461 new outer solar system objects found -- but no Planet 9The Dark Energy Survey has discovered 461 new outer solar system objects.Since 2013 the survey has been studying the properties of a mysterious force known as dark energy which is causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate.*Two Australian satellites included in the latest dragon cargo ship missionSpaceX have launched another Dragon resupply mission to the International Space Station. Included in the payload are the Australian Research Council’s CUAVA-1 satellite which is carrying four experimental payloads for the University of Sydney and Macquarie University and Curtin University’s Binar-1 spacecraft which will test new technology designed for eventual use in the Binar Prospector spacecraft which will be flown in lunar orbit in 2025.*The Science ReportThe hole in the ozone layer larger than usual this year.A new more efficient electrocatalyst to make green hydrogen from water.New research suggests T-rex wagged its tail like a puppy.Skeptic's guide to anti-vaxxers pushing flawed studies.For more SpaceTime and show links: Your support is needed...SpaceTime is an independently produced podcast (we are not funded by any government grants, big organisations or companies), and we’re working towards becoming a completely listener supported show...meaning we can do away with the commercials and sponsors. We figure the time can be much better spent on researching and producing stories for you, rather than having to chase sponsors to help us pay the bills.That's where you come us reach our first 1,000 that level the show becomes financially viable and bills can be paid without us breaking into a sweat every month. Every little bit helps...even if you could contribute just $1 per month. It all adds up.By signing up and becoming a supporter at the $5 or more level, you get immediate access to over 240 commercial-free, double, and triple episode editions of SpaceTime plus extended interview bonus content. You also receive all new episodes on a Monday rather than having to wait the week out. Subscribe via Patreon or Supercast (you get a month’s free trial with Supercast to see if it’s really for you or not)....and share in the rewards. Details at Patreon or Supercast - Details at or Sponsor Details:This episode is brought to you with the support of NameCheap…cheap domain names is just the beginning of your own online presence. We use them and we love them. Get our special deal…just visit: and help support the show.For more SpaceTime visit (mobile friendly). <br...

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