Take That Worry and Shove It!

Take That Worry and Shove It!

By Dr. Violet Black-Cherry

What's Take That Worry and Shove It! about?

Do you sometimes experience periods of worry and funk and would like a set of tools to help diminish these worrisome and funky periods in your life?

Do you want to know what you can DO about how you FEEL?

Dr. Violet Black-Cherry graduated summa cum laude and holds a bachelors degree from BAASC (Broke As All Hell College), has a masters degree from FASU (Frustrated As Hell University) and recently got her PhD at the School of LIAF (Life Is Actually Fabulous).

This podcast is dedicated to providing you tools to deal with that pesky bugger called worry and that other pesky nuisance affectionately known as funk.

"Dr." Violet Black-Cherry, brings you tips & tricks she has personally employed & recommended to her dear clients aka her friends & acquaintances.

Stay tuned to the episodes in this series to help get you from worry-filled scatter brain to successful worry manager. Be forewarned...some of the tips will be wacky yet oh so fun. Cheerio!



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Take That Worry and Shove It! episodes: