139: Test Automation: Shifting Testing Throughout the Software Lifecycle - Nalin Parbhu

12.04.2020 - By Test & Code : Python Testing for Software Engineering

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Talking with Nalin Parbhu about the software evolution towards more test automation and the creation of Infuse and useMango.

We talk a software development and "shift left" where automated tests and quality checks have moved earlier into the software lifecycle.

Software approaches and where quality fits in
Shift left
Test automation
Roles of software developers, SDETs (software development engineer in test), testers, QA, etc.
Developers doing testing and devops
Automated testing vs manual testing
Regression testing, UI testing, black bock testing
Unit testing, white box, API, end to end testing
User acceptance testing (UAT)
Mullet Methodology (Agile at the front, Waterfall at the back)
Waterwheel Methodology (Requirements -> iterative development -> QA)
What's an agile team?
Developer resistance to testing
Manifesto for agile software development
Iterative development
Adapting to change
Agility: being able to change course quickly
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