The birds, the bees and the robots

04.18.2019 - By BBC Earth Podcast

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This week we turn our attention to the technology that enables us to soar above the clouds to and zoom in close to our natural world. We meet Sacha, who conquered a debilitating fear of flying to fly alongside and study the decline of swans. Prepare to be amazed by the complex world of bio-inspired robotics and the intelligent engineers behind them. These robots go where humans can’t, places that are inaccessible or dangerous, collecting samples, making measurements and deliveries to aid human innovation. And for all the wonders of the world drones have enabled us to see, sometimes their very presence can pose a threat to the animals they are hoping to film. How can we get in close while keeping our distance at the same time? We know, we can almost hear the cogs turning in your brain too.

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