#71: The King

11.08.2019 - By Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast

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Nary a decade ago, many an industry analyst wondered if console gaming was dying. Would mobile take over? Could Facebook become the new dominant platform? With PlayStation 4 now securely occupying the spot of second best-selling home console of all-time (behind PlayStation 2), questions like those sure do seem quaint, don't they? Let's discuss PS4's new sales figures, what they mean for the brand, and how great PlayStation 4 performance may just harm PS5. Plus: Blizzard announces two new eagerly-anticipated games, fresh PlayStation Plus games are coming to a PS4 Nioh you (sorry), Modern Warfare earns its keep for Activision, and Ubisoft takes aim squarely at next-gen. Also: How does Sony make money on PlayStation Now? Why are credits so friggin' long? Does anyone care about Shenmue III? If cereal is a soup, does that make oatmeal stew? We apologize for entertaining these hypotheticals, but we just can't help ourselves.

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