#20: The Last of Us Leaks

05.07.2020 - By The Snark Tank

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The Last of Us: Part 2 had a massive leak and we can't not talk about it. (Don't worry. No spoilers.) Also, Kim Jong Un survived?!? Are Orcs in fantasy supposed to be black people? A spirited debate about diversity in media and what games, movies, etc did representation without talking down to their audiences. Is Assassin's Creed getting better or is it still garbage? MySpace vs Facebook: Which was superior in their prime? Why is web design getting worse and worse? Is the nuke the ultimate deterrent or the ultimate doom?
All this and more in this nerd riddled nonsense. 
PS: Please be respectful and don't spread Last of Us spoilers. People should be able to participate without shit being spoiled for them. Thanks.

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