The Motorcycle Mentor Podcast

The Motorcycle Mentor Podcast

By David Mixson


What's The Motorcycle Mentor Podcast about?

Do you feel guilty for wanting to ride a motorcycle? Do you have a fear that overcomes you when you ride? Do you want to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you’re doing everything possible NOT to leave your family alone? Join David Mixson, author of the "Motorcycle Smarts" book series (and NASA engineer), as he explains the sport of motorcycling his way. Whether you’re just thinking about riding or have been riding for decades, this is for you. Learn about rider-induced lowside and highside crashes: what are they, what triggers them, and how can you avoid them. David also shares some of the tips from his book “Motorcycle Smarts.” This show is a mix of how to ride proficiently, how to take ownership of your riding safety, and how to reduce your chances of crashing. David covers lighthearted topics like “The Motorcycle Wave” … and more serious topics like “The Low Information Rider.” Hit subscribe and reduce your chances of crashing.


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