Ep 659 | The Real Story Behind Our 'Favorite Big-Booty Latina' | Guest: Sara Gonzales & Alex Stein

07.18.2022 - By The Chad Prather Show

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Culture continues to change in America. Who do we blame for this cultural shift? BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales of "The News & Why It Matters" joins the podcast to explain why parents are responsible for the culture shift. Rep. AOC was shaken to her boots after BlazeTV contributor and troll master Alex Stein visited Washington D.C. and called her his "favorite big-booty Latina" and "hot hot hot like a tamale.” Did Alex cross the line? A McDonald’s franchise owner saves the day by paying his employees for three months after the restaurant closed for some renovations. Not only is this immigrant part of an American dream story, but he also enlisted in the Army during the Korean War. More Uvalde massacre information is coming out, and it looks like about 400 law enforcement officers were present during the shooting. Why didn’t any of them rush to save the students and teachers?
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