The Report

By Lawfare & Goat Rodeo

What's The Report about?

On April 18th 2019, the Justice Department released the redacted Mueller Report to the public. The 448 page document details a story that has captured America's attention. From Russian plots to interfere in our election to constitutional questions of executive power, the Mueller Report is potentially one of the most important and consequential documents of our time. But there's a problem. Very few people have read it.
There is still so much confusion about the Report. What it says, who it implicates, and what it means for our country. At Lawfare, we are distilling the report into a multi part audio narrative series, telling you the story of what is in this document, the story Mueller wants you to understand.

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The Impeachment: Final Day


The Impeachment Trial concludes with a final vote on the Articles of Impeachment. See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Report episodes: