The Shannon Joy Show

The Shannon Joy Show

By Shannon Joy

What's The Shannon Joy Show about?

Shannon Joy is an independent broadcaster, podcaster and videocaster.  She launched her daily show ten years ago and has grown from a tiny radio station in Rochester, NY to national syndication featured today on Rumble, Twitter, iHeart Radio and every major podcast platform in America.  Her daily commentary reaches nearly 100,000 eyes and ears each week and features some of the most prolific voices in the freedom movement. Shannon boldly rejected COVID lockdown protocols, refused to wear a mask, organized dozens of local protests against lockdowns & vaccine mandates and planted many local freedom groups across NYS. She is an organizer, activator and speaks passionately about localized & individual resistance to tyranny from her platforms.  She regularly features the most courageous, early dissidents like Naomi Wolf, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, Jeffrey Tucker & Steve Kirsch with daily observations on culture and politics. She lives in New York with her husband Geoff and 3 children Jack, Mimi & Teddy. 

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