The Very Curious Herbal

The Very Curious Herbal

By Amanda Edmiston


What's The Very Curious Herbal about?

Elizabeth Blackwell’s book: ‘A Curious Herbal’; was the first herbal created by a woman to be published.

The Very Curious Herbal is a project by artist and storyteller Amanda Edmiston of Botanica Fabula designed to become an enchanted journey into the extraordinary, verdant world of the 18th century herbal.

This podcast is part of an interactive, multisensory work, layering pages from the book, traditional remedies and flavours revealed by the plant collectors, recipe creators and apothecaries of the day with legends, history and folklore, adding vivid dimensions to the plants revealed in the pages of the beautiful book first published in 1737.

If you'd like to join in with the full online version of the project it can be found in the leaves of Amanda's facebook group Botanica fabulousness #CuriousHerbal

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