The Wendy Experience with Wendy Ho

By Wendy Jo Smith

What's The Wendy Experience with Wendy Ho about?

Comedian Wendy Jo Smith, better known as the foul mouthed, hilarious singer and rapper Wendy Ho is giving you the full blown Wendy Experience with the help of her entertaining and awe inspiring guests: fellow entertainers, youtube sensations, comedians, drag queens and life artists. Asking the meta thought provoking questions: What drives you to create? Why you so effed up? and most importantly... What had happened was?

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Episode 83: Ho's Summer Pla...


HO's summer PLAYLIST! I'm off for the rest of the summer y'all. Enjoy the music: tammy faye bakker - jesus keeps takin' me higher and higher (disco jesus) charles & eddie - would i lie to you? david hasselhoff - ...

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