Til Death Podcast

By Ian Avina, Jennifer Avina

What's Til Death Podcast about?

“Random is only a construct of your own mind. This is an alliteration of excellence. So I would like to reach out to everyone in the audience, and ask them a question, ‘Why would would you listen to another podcast? …Pause…Ruminate…Consider…Marinate on that, because why would you to listen to anything else other than the best people on the planet talking about all that is relatable and funny.”  - Daniel “I Put the Dan in Danger” Newmeyer

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#75: Keep My Wife’s Name Ou...


This week, we discuss the slap heard ‘round the world aka The Slappening aka the moment that the whole world knew that Will Smith keeps his b*lls in Jada Pinkett Smith’s purse. We break down the absurdity of the moment ...

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