Top online stories, the state of marijuana research, and Afrofuturism

12.23.2021 - By Science Magazine Podcast

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On this week’s show: The best of our online stories, what we know about the effects of cannabinoids, and the last in our series of books on race and science

First, Online News Editor David Grimm brings the top online stories of the year—from headless slugs to Dyson spheres. You can find out the other top stories and the most popular online story of the year here.

Then, Tibor Harkany, a professor of molecular neuroscience at the Medical University of Vienna’s Center for Brain Research, talks with host Sarah Crespi about the state of marijuana research. Pot has been legalized in many places, and many people take cannabinoids—but what do we know about the effects of these molecules on people? Tibor calls for more research into their helpful and harmful potential. 

Finally, we have the very last installment of our series of books on race and science. Books host Angela Saini talks with physician and science fiction author Tade Thompson about his book Rosewater. Listen to the whole series.

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Authors: Sarah Crespi; David Grimm; Angela Saini

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