12.01.2020 - By Something Rhymes with Purple

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Suffering from a festive cold or a flu? Susie and Gyles have some (questionable) remedies for you! Come delve into the wondrous (and often disgusting) world of potions and lotions on this week’s episode of Something Rhymes with Purple. Involving witchcraft, and Kings and Quacks, as we ‘gild the pill’ with the ‘hair of the dog’, all taken, of course, with a healthy ‘pinch of salt’. We’ll also weave a tarantella through some infamous incidents of poisonous foul-play which piques Gyles’ fascination and leads him to ponder some rather murderous logistics… A Somethin’ Else production. If you want to get in touch with Susie and Gyles it’s [email protected] Susie’s Trio: Snit - glowing part of candle wick after it’s blown out Snirtle - a suppressed laugh Roorback - false and damaging report circulated for political effect, usually about a candidate seeking an office.
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