2021 TV and Movie Recap and 2022 Preview from TV Podcast Industries

01.13.2022 - By Defenders On TV Podcast Industries

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We begin the year with our 2021 TV and movie recap, our annual look back at everything we've covered on TV Podcast Industries in the year. With 101 episodes released in the year from Live Action Marvel TV and fantasy shows to animation, movies and even a few documentaries in there. It's been another massive year.

Shows discussed in our 2021 TV and Movies Recap

This year across 101 episodes we covered every episode of 11 different TV shows and 4 Marvel Movies.

In animated shows we covered:

Invincible from Robert Kirkman on Prime Video.

Star Wars The Bad Batch on Disney Plus

Marvels What If...? on Disney Plus

Marvel TV blasted off on Disney Plus and we discussed all of these shows


Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Loki Season 1


The MCU also returned to the cinema and so did we with four massive movies

Black Widow

Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings


Spider-Man No Way Home

Winner of The Wheel of Time Inn/Tavern Quiz

We have announced the winner of our Wheel of Time Inn Quiz. Here are their questions and answers

Episode 1 “Leavetaking” Question: What does Rand give to Egwene that he has been carrying around with him all day? Strawberry

Episode 2 “Shadow’s Waiting” Question: In the story told by Moiraine, how many days did the army of Manetheren hold out? 13 days

Episode 3 “<a href="https://www.tvpodcastindustries.

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