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What's Urgency of Change • The Krishnamurti Podcast about?

What are you doing with your life? Can anyone show you the way, or must you be a light to yourself? Do we see the urgency of change?

One of the greatest spiritual teachers and philosophers of all time, J. Krishnamurti challenges us to question all that we know and discover our true nature in the here and now.

This official podcast from Krishnamurti Foundation Trust now has over 150 weekly episodes. Episodes 1-50 feature conversations between Krishnamurti and luminaries from many paths, along with readings of the classic book Commentaries on Living by actor Terence Stamp. Episode 51 onwards features carefully chosen extracts based on a theme explored by Krishnamurti. The extracts from our archives have been carefully selected to represent his different approaches to each of these universal and timelessly relevant themes.

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Krishnamurti on Following


‘The easiest thing for the mind, which is generally very lazy, is to follow what somebody else has said.’This week’s episode on Following has two sections. The first extract (2:25) is from the first question and answer meeting at Brockwood ...

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