Week 205 - Early Voting

10.19.2020 - By The Weekly List

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This week, despite millions of Americans having  voted already, Senate Republicans started the process of confirming  Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. With Republicans in control of  the Senate, there was little Democrats could do to address the hypocrisy  and outrage over Trump’s actions, other than show up to vote, which  they did in record numbers.
Behind in the polls, Trump got out on the  campaign trail, claiming he was no longer contagious and holding daily  rallies in states, many of which were experiencing coronavirus  outbreaks. As the virus surged nationally, there was no federal  government response, and in fact Trump seemed increasingly to lean on  Dr. Scott Atlas, who continued to push the notion of herd immunity.  Trump also made increasingly desperate statements at his rallies,  indicating he did understand the gravity of Election Day approaching and  Biden’s lead.
State officials braced for violence on Election  Day, as Trump continued to give credence to the QAnon conspiracy theory,  and encouraged an “army” of supporters to sign up as poll watchers.  Meanwhile, Attorney General Bill Barr remained conspicuously absent from  the public eye, as the “unmasking” probe quietly and unceremoniously  ended, and he had yet to comment on the alleged plot against Michigan  Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Trump allies Rudy Giuliani and Stephen Bannon  introduced a supposed hard drive belonging to Hunter Biden in a “smoking  gun” story at the New York Post, that was soon under investigation by the F.B.I. as a possible Russian intelligence operation.
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