Episode 83: Whelping, raising and training

07.05.2019 - By The Canine Paradigm

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Whelping, raising and training puppies is an important conversation in most professional training circles. We know it comes with some backlash at times too by groups who want to see more rescue options.

Rescue is an important choice, however it should still be a choice and not a gun to the head obligation like many other opinions out there. You all know we support rescue. We encourage it on most levels and promote many of the good people doing it.

Likewise, we promote and encourage good breeding practices. Without them, we are losing the ability to produce sound dogs for valuable social roles.

We also introduce Geoff Madgwick to the show who invented a new whelping box called Whelpmate. Glenn contacted geoff a while back when he was expecting puppies from his French Bulldog. Geoff was kind enough to loan his invention so it could be tested and the results were very positive.

Whelping puppies is a tricky and intricate process that requires some thought when you plan to be involved. It's true that dogs have been having puppies all by themselves for many years without our interference. It's also advisable to be as much hands off as you can be, however you should know when to step in.

So if we are asked what dog is best for an application in regards to puppies and rescues, we agree that you should consider either. You need to consider your role requirements, your patience for pups etc.

If you have a need for an adult dog, go searching through the rescue organisations.

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