Where's William Tyrrell?

By 10 Speaks

What's Where's William Tyrrell? about?

On the 12th of September 2014, three-year-old William Tyrrell disappeared from the yard of his grandmother’s house in the quiet town of Kendall, New South Wales. A search and rescue mission soon became an investigation into his likely abduction, but who took him? Was the kidnapping planned or an opportunistic crime? Are we any closer to knowing what happened to William today than we were almost five years ago? 10 News First’s Lia Harris takes us through the entire story as we strive to answer the question…Where’s William Tyrrell?

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Five Long Years


Five years have passed since William disappeared. Police are looking at a new convicted paedophile who was living near Kendall at the time William vanished, startling new information about a known figure in the mystery and Gary Jubelin opens up ...

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