Will SCOTUS Kill Affirmative Action? (with Lee Bollinger)

02.10.2022 - By Stay Tuned with Preet

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Should Trump be pardoned? And what’s taking SDNY’s investigation of Giuliani so long? Preet answers listener questions. 

Then, Preet interviews Lee Bollinger, the president of Columbia University and a leading First Amendment scholar. Bollinger is the named defendant in two landmark Supreme Court cases on affirmative action. Now, as the Court weighs banning the consideration of race in college admissions, Bollinger discusses the fragile future of affirmative action. 

Stay tuned — Part II of Preet’s conversation with Bollinger will air next week. They’ll discuss free speech, and whether elite universities have too much money. 

For show notes and a transcript of the episode, head to: https://cafe.com/stay-tuned/will-scotus-kill-affirmative-action-with-lee-bollinger/

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